PinUp Aviator App Download


  • Easily accessible from any device
  • Allows safe online transactions
  • Offers exclusive promotions
  • Offline access to certain games
  • Provides top-notch mobile performance.
  • App is not available on Google Play Store.
  • Requires frequent updates

Aviator: An Overview 


Aviator is one of the most exciting and thrilling casino games. It was launched by Spribe in 2019 and suddenly became a sensation in the casino industry. If you also like to play crash games, then Aviator is a must-try game for you.  In the Aviator game, you act as air traffic control and predict when precisely the plane will take off from the runway so that it does not crash with other planes. You win the bet if you can cash out on time with the correct prediction.  You do not need to worry, even if you are new to this game. The Aviator games come with a demo mode, where you can learn about the game before placing a bet with actual money. Moreover, the game has various exciting features, such as in-game chatting, automatic cash out, etc.  Here are some of the most attractive features of the game: 

  • In-game chat 
  • Demo mode 
  • Automatic cash out 
  • Betting starts with just 8/- INR
  • High winning odds 
  • Jackpot of up to X200
  • User-friendly interface
Game name Aviator
Genre Crash game of the Instant genre
Date of release February 2019
Language English
Maximum Bet 8,000/- INR
Minimum Bet 8/- INR
Where to Play  PinUp App 
Available on Gadgets Desktop, smartphones, tablets
Hit ratio 43%
In-game Chat Available
Demo Mode Available 
Maximum Winnings per Bet x200
Bets History Available 
Volatility Medium
RTP 97.3%

PinUp: Top Tier Online Casino Platform 

PinUp: Top Tier Online Casino Platform 

Regarding the best betting and casino platforms in the nation, PinUp is a known name. This online casino platform became a sensation in the betting world. Today, millions of people use PinUp daily. If you are looking for a casino platform to start your betting journey, PinUp is the only right choice.  PinUp has over 200 casino games that can keep you entertained throughout the day, and they keep adding new games occasionally. Moreover, PinUp also allows you to place sports bets. They cover a wide range of regional, national, and international sports tournaments where you can place bets on several sports like cricket, hockey, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, baseball, etc.  Using PinUp is simple; you just need to download the app, register yourself, and then move ahead with PinUp login. After this, you just need to deposit 100/- INR, and you can enjoy casino games and sports betting and win glorious rewards. 

Platform Name PinUp
Category  Casino and Sports betting 
Welcome Bonus  125% Up to 25,000/- INR
License  Yes 
License Curacao (8048/JAZ2017-0003)
App for Android  Available 
App for iOS Available 
App Version  1.2
App Size  50 M.B. 
Local Language Support  Available 
Customer Care Support  24/7, through live chat and email 
Downloading Price  Free 
Sports Betting  Available 
Minimum Deposit Amount 100/- INR 
Minimum Withdrawal Amount  100/- to 500/-  INR 

All About the PinUp App

Let’s discuss the PinUp app. PinUp has applications for Android and iPhone. The apps are free to download and install. Moreover, you can start your betting journey with just 100/- INR.  The app offers 200+ casino games for its users, along with 24/7 customer care service, in various regional languages. Moreover, the app comes with quick registration and login. The app’s interface is user-friendly, making navigation easy, even for new users.

Top Highlight Features of Pin Up App

Top Highlight Features of Pin Up App

Here comes the main question: Is this app right for you or not? This section will discuss the most exciting features of the PinUp app download so you can decide. 

1. Sports Betting

Are you a sports lover? Then, you must try PinUp for sports betting. They cover various international, national, and regional sports tournaments where you can place bets on a wide variety of sports, such as football, cricket, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. Plus, they also provide live streaming and live updates of the game on which you place your bets. 

2. High Winning Odds

Are you new to the betting world? Then, you must choose PinUp to start your betting journey. It is one of the rarest betting platforms that offers high winning odds. You also get various other benefits like a big welcome bonus and extra bonuses of up to 125% for the first four deposits. 

3. Variety of Casino Games 

What is the most attractive thing about PinUp? It can keep you entertained 24/7. Yes, it is true. This betting platform has over 200 casino games so you never get bored. Moreover, they keep adding more games to boost the entertainment factor. 

4. Aesthetic Interface

While other casino platforms have chaotic and unpleasant interfaces, PinUp differs. The interface of PinUp is relatively easy to understand, and you can easily navigate through the app. All in all, the aesthetic interface of this casino platform is a treat to the eyes. 

5. Great Security

If you are looking for a betting platform where all your data can stay secure, then look no further; PinUp is the right option. They use high-security shield software to protect users’ personal information. Moreover, you can also use a strong password and two-factor authentication to boost the security of your account. 

Pros and Cons of PinUp App 

Pros and Cons of PinUp App 

Just like everything else, The PinUp App also has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the PinUp App download. 


  • Confidential application. 
  • The app is really fast. 
  • Good security of data. 
  • 24/7 customer care support.
  • Accepts cryptocurrency for payment. 
  • Accepts various payment modes. 
  • Free app download and installation. 
  • Fast money deposit and withdrawal. 
  • Quick registration and login. 


  • Money withdrawal can take some time, depending on your bank account. 
  • The app does not accept all cryptocurrencies. 
  • You need to have space on your phone. 

How to Play Aviator on the App?

How to Play Aviator on the App?

Now that you have all the basic information, let’s move ahead in and find out how you can actually play the Aviator game on the PinUp application. 

1. PinUp App Download and Installation 

First, you need to download PinUp. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store. However, if you are an Android user, you can download the app from the Play Store. You can also download the app from the link given below. Once the download is complete, you will also need to install the app on your device. 

2. Registration and Login 

Now that you have the app, open the app and click on the registration button. Provide all the necessary details like phone number, name, age, date of birth, residence proof, etc. After registration, you will need to log into the app. Log in using the user ID and password that you created during registration. 

3. Deposit Money 

Once you log into the app, you will need to deposit the minimum amount to move ahead, place bets, and play casino games. To do this, go to the deposit section, enter the amount you want to deposit, and then make the transaction. 

4. Play Game 

After this, you will need to play the Aviator game. Open Aviator on the app and then start making predictions. If you are playing Aviator for the first time, then you can play the demo game first to learn the basics. 

5. Withdraw Money 

In the end, if you win the game and are able to collect enough money, you can move ahead with the withdrawal. Go to the withdrawal section, enter the amount that you want to withdraw, and then select the bank account in which you want the money to be credited. Once you finalize the transaction, the funds will be deposited into your bank account within 3 to 5 days, depending on your bank. 

PinUp App Download for Android

PinUp App Download for Android

Are you an Android phone user who wants to play the Aviator game on your phone? Then, you must read this section very carefully. In it, we will explain the system requirements and PinUp App download APK. 

System Requirements 

Available Space 50 M.B.
RAM 1 G.B. 
Android Version 6.1 or higher




Download and Installation Process

Now, let’s have a look at the step-by-step process of downloading and installing PinUp on your Android phone. 

1. Allow Download from Unknown Source 

Since PinUp is a casino platform, your phone might not allow it to download on your phone. You must go to your phone’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources to do this. 

2. Click on the Download Button 

Now, you can see a download button below. Click on this download button. It will redirect you to the official PinUp Website. 

3. Download the Application 

You can download the Android application from the main website. 

4. Install the Application 

Now, go to the download folder of your phone and look for the file that you just downloaded. Open the file and install it on your phone, and you are good to go.   PinUp App Donwload for iOS Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then this section is for you. In it, we will tell you how to download PinUp on your phone and its system requirements so that you can easily play the Aviator Game. So, here we go!

System Requirements

Available Space 50 M.B. 
RAM 1 G.B. 
iOS Version  8.0 or more 




Download and Installation Process

Let’s see how you can download PinUp on your iPhone so that you do not have to go to the website repeatedly and can play this game without hassle.

1. Disable the Security Option 

First, go to the settings, and allow your phone to download and install files from unknown sources. 

2. Click on the Download Link

Now, a download button is available below. Click on this download link, and you will be redirected to the official PinUp website. 

3. Download the Application 

Once you are on the official website of PinUp, download the app suitable for iOS. 

4. Install the Application 

Now that the download process is complete, you just need to go to your phone’s download folder, look for the recently downloaded file, and install it on your phone. Your work is done. 

Registration Process

Registration Process

Now, let’s move ahead and see how to register on the app so that you can place bets and win money. You just need to follow the steps given below. 

  1. To register your account on PinUp, you must first open the account. 
  2. Now, click on the Sign Up button. 
  3. It will ask for details like name, age, date of birth, phone number, email address, etc. Provide all such information. 
  4. Remember to enter the referral code for referral benefits. 
  5. Now, to register your phone number and email address, you will receive a code on both. Enter those codes on the the app. 
  6. Select your user ID and password for the last and final step. 

Login Process 

After registration, you must log in to the app to place sports bets and play casino games. For PinUp App login, you will need to follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the app. 
  2. Tap on the Login button. 
  3. Type your user ID in the first box. 
  4. Now, type your password in the second box. 
  5. Click on the submit button, and you will log in to your betting account. Now, you just need to deposit money, and you will be able to place bets and play casino games. 

Money Deposit Process 

As you might be aware, you need to have money in your casino account to place bets and play casino games. Here is how you can deposit money in your PinUp account:

  1. Open the app on your phone. 
  2. Go for the login. 
  3. Click on the Money Deposit button. 
  4. Enter the amount that you want to deposit. 
  5. Select the payment mode through which you would like to make the payment. 
  6. Make the transaction, and within 5 to 10 minutes, the money will be deposited into your PinUp account. 

Money Withdrawal Process 

Want to know how to transfer money from your PinUp account to your bank account? Here is the step-by-step process. 

  1. Click on the PinUp tab on your phone to open the app. 
  2. Tap on the Money Withdrawal option. 
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to credit to your bank account. 
  4. Type your password and click on the OK button. 
  5. Depending on your bank, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 2 to 3 days. 

Payment Modes 

Payment Modes 

Here is a list of the payment modes through which you can deposit money in your PinUp account: 

  • PhonePe 
  • PayTM
  • GooglePay 
  • ApplePay
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card 
  • Internet Banking 
  • U.P.I. 
  • Stickpay 
  • Perfect Money 
  • Jeton 
  • AstroPay
  • EchoP
  • Neteller 
  • Skrill 

How to Contact Customer Care 

If you face any issues while playing games or betting on PinUp, you can contact their customer care. PinUp offers customer care service 24/7. This means that you can contact PinUp at any time of the day, and they will resolve their issue. Moreover, you also get multi-language support. So, even if you do not understand Hindi or English, you can get customer care support in your local language.  Here is how you can contact the customer care support team of PinUp: 

  • Email
  • Live chat on the official website
  • Live chat on the application

PinUp Bonuses and Rewards 

PinUp Bonuses and Rewards 

In the end, we will discuss the bonuses and rewards that you get with the PinUp Casino app. PinUp is one of the finest online casino platforms that offers a handful of bonuses and rewards like a huge welcome bonus, cash back, money deposit bonuses, etc. Let’s have a look at the list of bonuses that you get: 

  1. Welcome Bonus: With the PinUp betting app, you get a welcome bonus of 125% up to 25,000/-. But you can only get this bonus after your first deposit. 
  2. Referral Bonus: A referral bonus is a kind of bonus where the referee and referrer both get the advantage. This means that if you refer the PinUp app to someone, both you and the other person will get referral benefits that include cashback, promo codes, free spins, free bets, etc. 
  3. Cash Back: If you place multiple bets and win by a high margin, you can win cashback on PinUp.  
  4. Promo Codes: PinUp keeps offering promo codes from time to time. To find the latest promo codes, open the app and go to the promo codes section. Moreover, do not forget to turn on your phone’s PinUp notifications to learn about the updates. 


All in all, PinUp is the best choice if you are looking for an online platform to play casino games and place sports bets. The best part is that the PinUp app is free to download and install, and you can start your betting journey with just 100/- INR. If you are into sports, then you can place bets on a number of sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Their apps are also easy to use and navigate. 200+ casino games is an add-on in all the other advantages. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the minimum money deposit amount of PinUp?

In order to start your betting journey on PinUp, you need to make a minimum deposit of just 100/- INR. You can make this payment through a number of payment modes like GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe, credit card, debit card, etc. 

Q2. Is PinUp safe?

Yes, PinUp is a completely reliable and safe website for sports betting and casino games. They use high encryption software to protect their users’ data. Both websites and apps are safe to use. 

Q3. Can I place sports bets on PinUp?

Of course. PinUp covers a range of regional, national, and international sports events. So, you get to place bets on a number of sports like hockey, football, basketball, cricket, rugby, golf, soccer, etc. Moreover, they also offer live streaming and live updates of the matches in which you place bets along with the facility of live betting. 

Q4. How to time does it take to withdraw money from PinUp?

The withdrawal takes place immediately. However, it may take some time for your bank to deposit that money into your bank account. You can get the money deposited into your bank account within 3 to 7 days, depending on your bank and some other factors like official holidays, etc.